Akira Kurosawa Movies  - Rashomon film (1950)

Akira Kurosawa movies had a tremendous impact on our world. 

Rashomon by director Kurosawa is one the best Japanese language films. It revolutionized Western movies and influenced major filmmakers of our time. It is BFI's list of top 50 best movies of all time

Rashomon film is considered one of the best crime drama movies and psychological thriller movies to come out of Japan.

This crime mystery film received top prize at the Venice Film Festival - the most important film festival at the time. A year later it was honoured with an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. 

Akira Kurosawa Movies - Rashomon (1950)

Akira Kurosawa movies – Rashomon Plot Teaser

In 12th century Japan, a Samurai is murdered and his wife is raped in the forest outside of the city of Kyoto. 4 people involved in the case give contradicting accounts of what happened.

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Akira Kurosawa Movies – Rashomon Review

Akira Kurosawa (or director Kurosawa Akira, as in Japan the last name – Kurosawa - is cited first) did more for the modern movie-making world than any other director. However, his talent might have been hidden from us forever if not for the lucky circumstances. 

In 1951, after a disappointing run of his latest film, Akira Kurosawa was getting ready, in his own words, to “eat cold rice” when he received news that Rashomon got top prize at the Venice Film Festival. Unaware of the fact that his movie was submitted, Akira Kurosawa had an Italian woman, Guiliana Stramigioli, to thank for it. 

Head of Italiafilm in Japan, she saw Rashomon, loved it and suggested it to the film Festival officials. The Japanese movie studio, however, was very reluctant to send Rashomon to Italy. 

For one thing, although the mystery film was successful with the audiences in Japan, it was widely panned by the Japanese critics. It also didn't represent traditional Japanese cinema. It was different, for the lack of a better word.

Season 10, Episode 23

Marge: Come on, Homer, Japan will be fun. You like Rashomon.

Homer: That's not how I remember it.

The Western world was in awe. No one suspected that Japan had developed a movie culture of such high calibre.  Rashomon (which is actually the name of the ancient gates to the city of Kyoto), opened the gateway for many other great Japanese film directors. Within 5 years, three Japanese movies would receive an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. Japanese Samurai movies became trendy.

Japanese critics couldn't understand movie’s allure to the Western audiences. Film director Kurosawa Akira in his autobiography reflected, “Why is it that Japanese people have no confidence in the worth of Japan?”

Interview with Martin Scorsese in celebration of Akira Kurosawa's 99th birthday:

"Let me say it simply - Kurosawa was my master, and of so many other filmmakers over the years."

Akira Kurosawa Movies - Recommendation

60 years after its initial release, the Japanese cult film is still ground-breaking.  Cinematography, performances by some of the greatest Japanese movie stars, soundtrack – everything is perfect in one of the best Japanese movies from the greatest Japanese film director.

At times, the acting might seem overly aggressive. 

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