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The best of the best comedy films. They simply don’t get better than this. It was rated number 1 on the top 100 funny movies list by American Film Institute.

A classic screwball comedy film, it was one of the best Marilyn Monroe movies, loved by viewers and critics.

Some Like It Hot movie was directed and produced by one of the most famous movie directors of Hollywood’s golden age - Billy Wilder, who in his lifetime received over 20 nominations and 6 Oscar awards as best producer, best director and best writer.

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Some Like it Hot



Directed by:

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United States

Billy Wilder

Billy Wilder


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Rotten Tomatoes:


Love it!

98% critics reviews

93% viewers reviews

8.4/10 critics and viewers movie reviews

Best Comedy Films – Plot Teaser

In 1929, two jazz musicians witness a gangster shoot-out in Chicago. To save their lives they dress as women and join a women-only jazz band travelling to Florida. It seems they have more fun as women than as men.

Best Comedy Films – Movie Review

Billy Wilder was one of the most respected and famous movie directors in Hollywood. He had already made iconic American classic movies Double Indemnity and Sunset Boulevard when he switched to top comedy movies.

In 1955 he directed Seven Year Itch, another of his best comedy films, starring newly hot Marilyn Monroe. After the filming ended, he vowed to never work with her again.

However, when she became available in 1958, Billy Wilder quickly arranged for her to take the lead in his new screwball comedy film. He knew very well that without America’s new sex symbol it would be just another funny film. “I knew she was bad for my health, but I couldn’t give her up,” he remarked, comparing her to smoking.

Some Like It Hot movie became famous before its release for the troubles caused by one of the sexiest American actresses on set. Her health was shaken by constant use of barbiturates to control her anxiety, her marriage was crumbling, and she attempted a suicide while filming. In addition, she was pregnant during filming and suffered a miscarriage shortly after. Considering her emotional and physical state it was surprising she was able to finish filming and her performance was one of the best in all of Marilyn Monroe movies.

When the American movie classic came out it was an instant hit. The audience didn't know that it sometimes took the beautiful hot Marilyn Monroe 40 takes to film one scene or even one line, which drove her co-stars crazy. Supposedly that’s one of the reasons actor Tony Curtis, who had romantic scenes with her, said that kissing her “was like kissing Hitler”. But all these problems with the most troubled and one of the sexiest American actresses remained off screen. On screen she was a goddess.

The marketing campaign of one of the top 100 funny movies of all time was based on selling the idea of having sex with the sexiest star of all. Movie’s tagline was: “Marilyn Monroe and her bosom companions”. In this screwball comedy film she wore revealing see-through dresses that looked somewhat appropriate on screen because the movie was black and white.

Marilyn Monroe provided the va-va-voom factor that helped sell the movie and turn it into one of the most beloved best comedy films, but the main source of humour was of course actor Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon.

To help the two male movie stars of one of the best comedy movies pose as women, the film director hired a famous female impersonator from Europe - Barbette. According to actor Jack Lemmon, Barbette quit after 3 days. He reportedly liked actor Tony Curtis’ lady-like interpretation, which was inspired by actress Grace Kelly and Curtis’ mother. But he was dissatisfied with Jack Lemmon whom he considered hopeless. Nonetheless, the actor was nominated for an Oscar and won a Golden Globe for this role and would soon become one of the top Hollywood actors.

When one of the sexiest Marilyn Monroe movies came out, it got a “C”(Condemned) rating from Catholic Legion of Decency, not because of lead actress’s revealing dresses or the sexually-charged tagline, but mostly because of “the subject matter of transvestism”. Some Like It Hot movie was still released, but without the approval.

Best Comedy Movies - Fun Facts

When French director Michel Hazanavicius accepted best movie Oscar in 2012 for his film “The Artist”, in his speech he said he wanted to thank three people: “…Billy Wilder…Billy Wilder…Billy Wilder”

The last line of the film - “Nobody’s perfect”- is one of the most well-known movie quotes. When one of the World’s most famous movie directors died in 2002 at the age of 95, French newspaper Le Monde ran an obituary titled, “Billy Wilder dies. Nobody’s perfect.”

Best Comedy Films – Movie Recommendation

They say laughter prolongs your life. If you want to live long, watch Some Like It Hot movie, one of the top 100 funny movies of all time. This American movie classic is guaranteed to extend your life by a year or two.

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