Best Drama Movies – All About Eve (1950)

One of the best drama movies, this American movie classic was nominated for 14 Oscars – an unsurpassed feat to this day.

It is especially known for its sharp dialogue and a remarkable performance by Bette Davis, who is second on American film institute’s list of greatest American actresses.

The cult drama film is # 28 on the recent best American classic movies list by AFI.

Best Drama Movies Graffiti - All About Eve (1950) by Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Best Drama Movies – Plot Teaser

A 40-year old Broadway star befriends a young adoring actress, Eve Harrington, and takes her under her wing. Eve quickly grows into the star’s professional and personal worlds.

However, Eve’s true intentions are far from what they seem.

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Best Drama Movies – Review

“Bitchy” is a perfect one-word description for one of the top drama movies of all time. It is a movie about women and their ambitions. It is the only film in history to receive 4 Oscar nominations for female roles – 2 for best actress and 2 for best supporting actress. This movie swims in estrogen. But it is not a chick flick, by any means.

All About Eve, one of the best dramas about theatre, was created by someone who knew very little about that world. Joseph L. Mankiewicz, film’s writer and director, was very successful in Hollywood. He received best Oscars for writing and directing two years in a row – an unmatched triumph.

However, he was dreaming about Broadway. Kenneth Geist, filmmaker’s biographer, described All About Eve as a movie director’s “valentine to the theater”.

Watching the movie now, it is hard to imagine that the part of the Broadway star was not written for Bette Davis - an iconic classic movie actress. She was not director’s first choice, nor was she his second. She was, what one might call, the last resort. And she didn't have to be asked twice.

Bit of Trivia

Young Marilyn Monroe made an appearance as an ambitious young starlet in the movie. She didn’t make an impression on her co-stars or the critics, but the movie director said later,

“I found her a fascinating mix. On one hand she was vulnerable. But on the other, calculating. She knew what she was doing, that one. There was never a false move with her.”

She wrote in her autobiography: “Margo Channing was a woman I understood thoroughly. Though we were totally unalike, there were also areas we shared.” However, some of Davis’ peers noted that the actress and her character in the film were quite similar: talented, smart, feisty and rude at times, but kind at heart.

Joseph Mankiewicz was warned against hiring actress Bette Davis. Highly opinionated, she had acquired a reputation of being a trouble-maker. Some filmmakers were frightened of working with her. The producer of All About Eve had been on non-speaking terms with Bette Davis for 9 years.

Best Drama Movies - All About Eve (1950) Eve and Margot

Movie Director's Quote

Joseph Mankiewicz, film’s director and writer, once noted: “Male behaviour is so elementary. All about Adam could be done as a short.”

However, Bette Davis was motivated to give her all to All About Eve. Mankiewicz found working with the great American actress a wonderful experience. And the part of Margo Channing is considered her greatest accomplishment.

In fact, the movie was a career peak for almost everyone involved in this American movie classic. The film was highly praised upon its initial release and continues to be acknowledged as one of the top drama movies of all time.

Best Drama Movies - Movie Recommendation

If you enjoy a sharp, witty dialogue, you will go to cloud 9 with this American movie classic. It is so exquisitely written and acted out that you will melt with pleasure.

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