Forrest Gump movie (1994) – Modern American Movie Classic

Forrest Gump movie is one of the most loved American comedy-drama films ever produced. Forrest Gump character is one of the most recognized in the world and Forrest Gump quotes are used as proverbs.

The romantic comedy film swept the Academy Awards with 13 nominations and 6 wins, including best movie Oscar, best director Oscar to Bob Zemeckis and best actor Oscar to movie’s leading actor Tom Hanks.

This American history movie didn't escape controversy. Movie creators were accused by some American film critics of political propaganda. Actor Tom Hanks responded with: “Well, I think that’s nonsense.” 

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Forrest Gump movie – Plot Teaser

An American man with big heart, small IQ and prodigious physical capabilities, has faith in 3 things – his mother, the girl he loves and God. He witnesses and takes part in some of the most important events in American history.

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Forrest Gump movie – American history movie

Forest Gump movie is the kind of film that people either love or love to hate. 

Upon its initial release, movie critic reviews were as polarized as the two Poles, for the lack of better comparison:

  • Roger Ebert, one of the top American film critics, called it “a magical movie”. 
  • Pauline Kael, another heavyweight, said simply: “I hated it thoroughly.” 

The general movie-going public couldn’t get enough of it. It was the fastest-earning Paramount movie at the time. To this day, Forrest Gump film TV reruns are sure to bring in good stats. 

Forrest Gump Trivia

Forrest Gump movie, with production costs of $112 million, brought in almost $700 million in the box office. However, Paramount still reported a loss of $62 million. That’s what we call “Hollywood accounting”.

Although it is difficult to picture it, Tom Hanks wasn't the first choice for the part of Forrest Gump. John Travolta and Chevy Chase admitted to having turned down the role, which they regretted afterwards. John Travolta got his big break that same year in Pulp Fiction.

For Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump film sealed his fate of being one of the most versatile and most loved Hollywood leading actors. As such, according to, he is the most bankable star of all times. 

Bob Zemeckis, film’s director, made a name for himself with his high-action comedy movies Back to the Future and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? His ability to blend digital effects with the story was critical to the success of this American comedy-drama film.

Forrest Gump Soundtrack

Forrest Gump score, which includes the original Forrest Gump theme song, is on the list of top 100 albums of all time.

In 2011, only 16 years after its initial release, Forest Gump movie was selected by Library of Congress for inclusion in the National Film Registry as a “culturally, historically or aesthetically” significant movie. This raised the initial debates about film’s strong conservative values. 

Forrest Gump’s co-producer Steve Tisch said on the subject: "I don't think this film is about conservative or liberal values, or even American values. The film is about human values."

Forrest Gump - Movie Recommendation:

There is a reason why this film became an American movie classic almost immediately after its release – it makes you laugh and cry just like classic old movies do. 

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