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One of the best psychological thriller movies, The Conversation (1974), was written, directed and produced by one of the top movie directors of our time - Francis Ford Coppola.

This thriller classic is Coppola’s favorite of his works. The film is rather slow-paced, unlike many high-action top thriller movies. Nonetheless, it is a thrill to watch.

Praised by critics as one of the best thriller movies of our times, The Conversation movie received Palme D’Or at the 1974 Cannes Film Festival.

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Top Thriller Movies – Plot Teaser

A surveillance specialist takes on a job of recording conversations of a couple.

He fears that the resulting tape will be used to harm the couple, and attempts to prevent the tragedy.

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Psychological Thriller Movies – Movie Review

Francis Ford Coppola agreed to make The Godfather movie when he really wanted to make The Conversation.

He developed the story for this psycho thriller film and wrote the screenplay, but couldn't get financing. He learned with his earlier movies that he had to compromise – studios might give you money for a personal movie when you give them a blockbuster. So, Francis Ford Coppola decided to make The Godfather to have a green light on the suspense thriller.

He ended up financing The Conversation film, one of the top psychological thriller movies of our time, on his own.

The director admits that The Godfather made him a different kind of movie director. He wanted to be a filmmaker who is known for making personal movies like The Conversation. What made this thriller movie so special to Francis Ford Coppola? It is his story, responds Coppola - written and developed by him.

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He put a lot of personal details into this thriller movie. For example, similar to the protagonist (Gene Hackman), Coppola had a strong interest in gadgetry since childhood. He too was a president of the Radio club in high school. He too had a Catholic upbringing.

In conversation with Ariston Anderson, Francis Ford Coppola said that he could usually describe what his movies are about in one or two words: “In “The Godfather,” it was succession. In “The Conversation,” it was privacy.”

This theme of privacy echoes in everything: settings, protagonists’ appearance and his see-through plastic coat, his last name Caul (which is a membrane that protects foetus in the womb). The music score is a lonely piano solo - quite unusual for mainstream top thriller movies.

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The Conversation was nominated for 3 Academy Awards. However, it lost best movie Oscar to another Francis Ford Coppola movie - Godfather Part II. One might wonder how losing an Oscar to yourself might feel.

Critics name it not only one of the top thriller movies, but also one of the best Francis Ford Coppola movies – a great complement, considering what other Coppola movies are up for the title.

Psychological Thriller Movies – Movie Recommendation

One of the best thrillers has some of the most memorable scenes, sounds and an unexpected ending. Unlike other top thriller movies, which might lose their charm after one screening because you know the hook, this classic is a thrill to watch time after time. Enjoy!

The technical material for the movie was thoroughly researched and truthfully represented. So if you are involved in surveillance and sound editing/ engineering, you will find this thriller film even more exciting.

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