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Pulp Fiction movie is one of the best crime movies from the master of American crime film genre – Quentin Tarantino. 

Quentin Tarantino combined elements of film noir classics, best gangster movies and black comedy films giving life to a completely new beast along the way. Considered to be one of the best indie films, Pulp Fiction revived interest in indie culture.

Tarantino’s American crime movie revolutionized movie industry and inspired a whole wave of imitators. 

Pulp fiction film is constantly in the top 10 best movies list on IMDb. In addition to top award at the 1994 Cannes Film festival, Quentin Tarantino received Oscar for Pulp Fiction screenplay.

Pulp Fiction Movie by Quentin Tarantino - Graffiti

Pulp Fiction Movie – Plot teaser

Film employs non-linear structure to portray episodes in lives of gangsters, criminals, hitmen, a boxer and a gangster’s wife. 

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Pulp Fiction Movie – Story of Iconic Crime Film

Pulp fiction film changed the movie world as we knew it. At 28 Quentin Tarantino became an over-night sensation and America’s wild-child.

A high-school drop-out, he received his education in films at the movie-rental store in Hollywood’s Manhattan Beach where he worked for 5 years. He always referred to himself as “first and foremost a movie fanatic”. 

Roger Avery, Tarantino’s long-time collaborator, co-writer of Pulp Fiction script and a one-time employee at the same movie-rental place, said of Tarantino: “If Quentin didn’t make it in the film business, it’s very likely he’d have ended up a serial killer.”

Written by Tarantino and Avery in Amsterdam, Pulp fiction screenplay was radically different from classic gangster movie scripts. Criminals were having ordinary conversations about life, God and McDonalds in Paris while carrying out their deadly deeds.

Pulp Fiction quotes became iconic. “Zed’s dead, baby – Zed’s dead” took its place next to “Go to the mattresses” from the Godfather movie.

In Pulp Fiction, Tarantino had fun experimenting with familiar movie characters by putting them in unfamiliar situations. "I'm using old forms of storytelling and then purposely having them run awry", he says in a promotional interview for the DVD release.

Thus Spoke Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino Quote

Pulp Fiction was criticized heavily for excessive violence. In response to a question whether he thought his movies induced violence, the director said, “I don’t think anyone in Rwanda has seen any of my movies, and yet they’ve machete’d 500,000 people to death there.”

Tarantino’s choices for Pulp fiction cast were unexpected and eclectic, but they worked magic. For John Travolta, Uma Thurman and Samuel L Jackson Pulp Fiction brought Oscar nominations. The movie revived Bruce Willis’ career. Considering the number of A-list actors involved, Pulp Fiction film had a very small casting budget - $5 million out of total movie budget of $8 million.  

Actors took a very big cut to their salaries to be in Pulp Fiction. Phil Lamarr, who played a small but significant part of Marvin, whose brains are blown out in the car, said in an interview with Vanity Fair, "I’m sure everybody on that cast read that script and said, “What do I have to do to be a part of this?”

Quentin Tarantino Pulp Fiction movie was the first indie film that brought in over $100 million in receipts. It transformed the way the studios looked at low-budget films.  

Pulp Fiction Movie Recommendation 

Few movies become classics the moment they come out. This American crime movie is in that league. If you have never seen it, you are missing a very important piece of cultural education - "Catch up, Ketchup!"

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