Solaris Movie (1972) – Classic Sci Fi Movie

The Solaris movie is truly a masterpiece of the classic sci-fi movie genre. It is on the list of The 100 Best Movies of World Cinema compiled by Empire magazine in 2010.

40 years after its original release, the Solaris 1972 movie is a staple on the best sci fi films lists by top movie critics and classic sci fi movie genre enthusiasts.

Solaris 1972 is an unusual take on a sci fi genre compared to other top science fiction movies. Filmed by one of the most prolific and poetic European directors, Andrey Tarkovsky, the Solaris movie received a Special Jury Cannes Film Festival award.

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Solaris Film – Plot Teaser

A psychologist from planet Earth is sent to a station orbiting an unusual planet called Solaris. He discovers that the remaining inhabitants of the station are under great emotional stress.

He has to face himself and the phenomena that Solaris manifests on the station.

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Solaris – Movie Review

Sci-fi movie genre is probably the most commercial film genre, and Andrei Tarkovsky was one of the least commercial directors of his time.

When he took on the Solaris movie, he needed to make a successful sci-fi movie for financial reasons. He needed a film that, unlike its predecessor, would be released by Mosfilm studio in Soviet Russia. But he wasn’t going to sell out either.

In Solaris 1972, similar to his other sci-fi movie - Stalker, the director was primarily interested in human aspects. Gadgetry and special effects were main focus in most classic science fiction movies, but became secondary in Solaris. The director commented:

“My Solaris is not after all true science fiction... What counts here is man, his personality, his very persistent bonds with planet Earth, responsibility for the times he lives in. I don't like your typical science fiction, I don't understand it, I don't believe in it.”

Solaris Movie Still - Station
Solaris Movie Still - Earth

Andrei Tarkovsky made sure the film had authentic elements of a sci-fi movie. For example, he wanted the station to have a worn-out look with visible signs of wear and tear, as opposed to glossy-clean space stations in some sci-fi movies.

Akira Kurosawa, a Japanese filmmaker and arguably the best film director of all times, visited the Solaris movie set during filming and was impressed with the scope and the quality of the station.

He later wrote: “Solaris is no ordinary SF film. It truly somehow provokes pure horror in our soul. And it is under the total grip of the deep insights of Tarkovsky.”

When Solaris 1972 was released, Soviet press panned it while western press praised it.

Later Solaris would become Tarkovsky’s least favourite film because he felt he didn't transcend the sci fi genre. However, Solaris would be the one film he would be best known for in the West.

Solaris – Movie Recommendation

Solaris 1972 film, a classic sci fi movie, might seem slow-paced at times, but will leave and unforgettable impression. Make sure you watch a 167-minute version of one of the best sci-fi movies of all time.

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