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Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo movie (1958) is one of the best suspense movies. The master of suspense himself considered this film to be his favourite.

In 2012, Vertigo film was voted the best movie of all time by British Film Institute.

The movie is #9 on American Film Institute list of top movies of all time. It is also voted best mystery film on AFI’s top 10 mystery films.

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Hitchcock Vertigo Movie – Plot Teaser

A retired police officer suffering from vertigo is hired by a friend to follow his wife who is seemingly possessed by a long deceased woman.

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Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo Movie – Review

In 2012, Vertigo film made headlines over 50 years after its initial release. It was named the best movie of all time based on the poll conducted by British Film Institute, beating Citizen Kane for the first time.

Vertigo's rise to the top might seem surprising. Even more so since the movie was described as “too slow and too long” upon initial release and Hitchcock was blamed for “repeating himself in slow motion”.

Vertigo 1958 film was not a flop as it managed to recover its budget, but it was much less successful than Alfred Hitchcock’s other mystery films. Hitchcock did not understand why. To Hitchcock, Vertigo mystery film was his best achievement. At one point he blamed his leading actor Jimmy Stewart for being too old – at 50 he was 25 years younger than the leading actress. Later on Hitchcock said Kim Novak, his leading lady, was miscast.

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The Guardian reports that Hitchcock described Vertigo as “boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy meets girl again, boy loses girl again”. Sounds too simplistic for one of the top movies of all time. Books have been written on symbolism and Freudian ideas in Hitchcock’s mystery films. However, when the master of suspense was asked about hidden meaning in his movies, he usually denied its existence. As such, in Vertigo, Hitchcock simply describes one man’s obsession with one woman.

Those who worked with Hitchcock on the movie noted how important and personal the project was for the great director. It has been suggested that the movie’s main theme of obsession was director’s reflection on his own obsessions with his leading ladies: Ingrid Bergman, Grace Kelly and Tippi Hedren.

In “Vertigo: The Making of Hitchcock classic”, Dan Auiler writes that Hitchcock had to fight for the iconic title – Vertigo. The studio was afraid that audience wouldn't know what it means. Other titles were suggested, “To Lay a Ghost” among them (jokingly put forward by the screenwriter).

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Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo Movie (1958) Dream

The Vertigo movie is an ode to San Francisco and contains some of the most memorable classic movie scenes. However, it is most famous for three reasons:

  1. Arguably the most stylish opening titles in classic movie history
  2. The so-called Vertigo effect created on-screen
  3. One of the best movie scores written by Alfred Hitchcock’s frequent collaborator Bernard Hermann. Quentin Tarantino referred to their duo as one of the most important composer/director partnerships. Bernard Hermann also wrote music score for Psycho, North by Northwest, Citizen Kane, Cape Fear and Taxi Driver.

As a result of the new “the best movie of all time” title, Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo film is trendy again. Apart from the trends, it is unarguably the great American movie classic and one of the best suspense movies of all time.

Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo Film – Recommendation

When watching the Vertigo movie for the first time, don’t think of it as the best movie of all time, because you most likely will be disappointed. It is a heavy title to bear even for this Hitchcock classic thriller. Simply enjoy the scenery, the music, performances by classic movie actors and actresses, and Hitchcock’s genius.

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